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Q. How many hours tuition will it take for me to pass the practical test?

A. Very difficult to answer as everyone will learn at their own pace and my main aim is to instil safe driving for life. However, according to the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) the national average is about 45 hours with some private practice, although some students will take considerably less.

Q. What car are you currently using to teach in?

A. A Peugeot E-208, a fully electric vehicle

Learning in an automatic car takes away the anxiety that many people feel about clutch and gears. It can be a more relaxed way to approach driving. In todays busy stop start traffic queues an automatic takes the stress out of this type of driving.

The downside is that passing a test in an automatic car will mean you can only drive an automatic in the future. However, sales of automatics are now starting to exceed sales if manual cars and most manufacturers have an automatic choice in all sizes of cars they produce. Many are now only making automatics as all the hybrids and Electric Vehicles are automatic and with the Government wanting the industry aiming to stop making petrol/diesel by 2035 then automatics will become the norm. However, a manual test can always be done at a later date and with the road knowledge gained from driving an automatic this would not be so problematic as starting from the beginning.


Q. Do you do intensive courses?

A. In order to make efficient progress it is sensible to try and keep the gap between lessons to a minimum and if you have a target date to pass a test for then an intensive course may be right for you.

Q. Do you do motorway tuition?


A. Yes, although unfortunately at the moment you are not allowed to drive on a motorway until you are a full license holder. Motorway tuition, either for new drivers or for full license holders who have yet to use a motorway, has to be a sensible option. After all, it has a lot of aspects that will not have been experienced before and at higher speeds a mistake can be more dangerous. It can be carried out as a session in it's own right after you have passed your test.


Q. What sort of Instructor are you?


A. I consider myself to be a very patient and easy going sort of individual . In my opinion the best way to allow the learning process to develop is through plenty of encouragement and constructive coaching. Although we are all likely to make mistakes when we are learning something new, I like to think that rather than an action being wrong, could it be that whatever happened could be improved in some way?









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